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Real Estate and Title

Stanton Cronin Law Group, PL can assist its clients with their real estate and title needs. We offer not only litigation assistance associated with real estate, such as foreclosure or partnership disputes over real estate or enforcing a party’s right to a contract to purchase or sell real estate, but can also assist any party to a real estate transaction with closing that transaction and offering owner and lender title insurance in accordance with Florida law. Sean Cronin is a member of Attorneys’ Title Insurance Fund Services, LLC and our underwriter is Old Republic National Title Insurance Company through its joint venture with Attorneys’ Title Insurance Fund, Inc.

Title Services

Title services are critical to a real estate transaction. Real property has a chain of title which can sometimes include problems which can negatively affect the value of the property or make it difficult to sell. A thorough title inspection in Florida can uncover these problems and a real estate lawyer can take steps to resolve the problems in a manner that permit a transaction to go forward to closing.

Closing services

The Closing is the actual transfer of title from seller to buyer. Before the transfer can take place, several things must occur. The parties must make certain that each satisfied its obligations under the contract. The buyer must usually procure financing for the purchase or tender the purchase money. The seller must draft a deed for transfer to the buyer and the buyer must usually prepare or review mortgage documents from its lender. The Stanton Cronin Law Group coordinates this process so that the parties can close their sale with minimum delays, surprises and expense.

We provide the following title insurance and closing services:

  • Commercial Closings
  • Residential Closings
  • Refinancing
  • New Construction Loans
  • Complete Abstract Title Search and Examination of Parcel
  • Preparation and Issue of Title Commitments and Policies
  • Insured Closing Protection Letter
  • Escrow of Funds
  • Notarizing and Recording of Closing Documents